Tell her her short hair is adorable! It really suits her face! Your hair is gorgeous too! Pretty sisters!

thank u but it’ll take me a while to get used to how boyish i look and how short it is

- mary

You and your sister look so cute!! I love short hair!

thank you!! shes next to me and she just screamed in my ear

we went to a salon today~ i got my hair curled and my sister got hers cut and curled ((doesnt she look so cute but she doesnt think so so pls tell her she does)). my other sister got hers dyed and it all costed $230. i wanted to leave tip but my aunt was like no. the ladies kept calling us unnie bc ppl there have the habit of calling customers unnie lmao this happened in a clothes shop too. but yea we’re just chillin in ilsan and hopefully we get to tour seoul tomorrow!! 

im in ilsan, seoul!! hometown of rapmon!! ((i think)

hopefully my uncle will let us take the train to places like myeongdong, hongdae, and gangnam !!

and guess what oh my god

ji seokjin from running man lives in the same apartment complex we’re staying at and other celebrities too…………..hehehe.he……..

any updates??

yes!! i just posted but theres no wifi in our room so im out in the living room…..

i miss jeonju…….but seoul should be fun……

f m or k : lay taemin mir


korea day 15

we left jeonju!! (*´д`*) ((for a week lol)). i really miss jeonju, idk how im going to leave to america later on…….

this is a short update bc we didnt do much today. we woke up, ate lunch, and were told that we were leaving jeonju today so we packed up and stuff. my sister managed to break a present from my cousin last minute ofc

it’s a two hour drive from jeonju to onyang so yea we left at 3 and got here at 5pm. my aunt made us homemade bingsoo, we ate bulgogi for dinner, and watched running man and infinity challenge.

TOMORROW we’re going out i think. hopefully im getting contacts and we’re going shopping and someday i will get my hair done.its super flat and long and my roots are grown past my ears…..i want to get my bangs cut but my hair is super thin and flat so idk how bangs will look…..?

also we are leaving for seoul tomorrow night to stay at my dad’s brother’s house!! my parents are coming next monday so we’ll probably stay in seoul until then. when they come we’re going to jeonju again so !!! ps i just watched the first ep of the wooyeol drama and i rly like the girl but not as a romantic love interest……shes more of a ….sister…

but anyway whats the best cut for thin bangs

didn't i look really cool in the mv lydia?- ur husband, hoya who has been working hard just for u